Britain and Egypt sign the Anglo-Egyptian Agreement, which nominally restores Egyptian rule over Sudan but as part of a British-dominated "Condominium."


The Gordon Memorial College is established by Kitchener. It is Sudan’s only secondary school until the 1940s. During the Second World War, the college becomes an institution of higher education. Upon independence it becomes the University of Khartoum.

The Anglo-Egyptian Government commissions research by Charles Gabriel Seligman and his wife, Brenda Z. (Salaman) Seligman. The Seligman's visited Sudan in 1909–12 and 1921–22, and recorded their observations in Pagan Tribes of the Nilotic Sudan (Routledge, 1932). Charles Seligman was one of E.E. Evans-Pritchard's professors but is mainly remembered today for the “Hamitic Hypothesis,” basically the idea that Africa’s states and monuments had been produced by an invasion of “pastoral ‘Europeans’,” or Hamites (Seligman, The Races of Africa, Oxford, 1930, p. 100). This idea was based on Europeans' conviction (despite rather a lot of evidence to the contrary) that Africans were unable to build monuments. This idea still surfaces periodically in places like the History Channel’s Ancient Aliens, which implies that extraterrestrials are more likely to have built the pyramids than Africans. These ideas were held out to justify colonial rule by turning the continent’s monuments and kingdoms into supporting evidence for the need for the civilizing influence of an outside power. Brenda Seligman was Peggy Salaman's aunt. As a 19-year-old pilot in 1931, Peggy spent the night at the Juba Hotel. Before her departure the next morning she was presented with two lion cubs, which she named Juba and Joker. The cubs flew with her to Cape Town.

For a list of the Seligman's factual errors and a story about how C.G. Seligman used to make Evans-Pritchard read pamphlets about "Nordic superiority," see Evans-Pritchard's "Sources, with Particular Reference to the Southern Sudan," Cahiers d'Études africaines 41 (1971), pp. 129-179.



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in progress

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